If you would like to come and visit the Hilko Guitars showroom, have some beers or coffee and play some music, drop us a line. We’ll be more than happy to welcome you and have a cool afternoon.



You might have noticed we changed our logo. We moved from “Custom Built” to “Hilko Guitars”. Meaning we no longer take orders to make copies or replicas. We’re focusing on our own models now.


‘Big News’

Over the years I got so busy; replying to all kind of emails, doing the PR, going on the road to help out well known artists,  selling, marketing, designing oh yeah and making guitars….
It was time to get some help and sat together with a good friend…
Mid 90’s Jack and I studied at the ILSA together, we played in bands and shared a lot of beers. After our studies, Jack focused on the playing music part as I went for making stringed instruments and being a guitar tech for many bands.
Jack is now a member of the Hilko Family looking after the customers whilst I can focus on the building process.

We have opened a showroom in Tervuren where you can try our in stock models after making an appointment. Jack Bakker, our Sales Manager will be at your service to guide you through our models and options you can choose from.
Next to playing guitar Mr. Bakker is a Sound/Music Consultant. Difficulties trying to find your tone or sound? He’s the man to talk to.


Guess What?

Exciting news, I’m launching a brand new model this weekend at Holy Grail Guitar Show‘s second edition in Berlin.
Totally inspired by the Guitar exhibition’s theme and a sprinkle magic fairy dust added, as it is Halloween upcoming weekend.
I’ll like you to introduce you to “Le Freak”,
our newcomer to the “Hilko” family.
Visit us at the HGGS, you won’t regret it…
Stay tuned for more soon…
Peace out!