Our Rootster model is a carved top on a chambered body.
Aiming for a light weight instrument by combining the chambered Spanish cedar body with a German spruce top.

Body Type: Chambered
Body Wood: Spanish Cedar
Top Wood: German spruce
Neck Wood: Spanish Cedar
Head Plate Veneer: African Ebony
Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Inlay Material: Mother Of Pear
Headstock Logo: Hilko
Fretboard Inlay: Dots
Neck Shape: Chunky 50’s or standard 60’s
Width @ Nut: 1.65” – 42mm
Nut Material: Bone
Scale: 25.5”
Truss Rod: Dual Action 4mm Allen Nut
Bridge: Tune O Matic
Pickups: TV Jones SuperTrons or Bare Knuckle set
Switch: Switchraft 3way Gold Plated
Controls: 2x Volume 1 Master Tone
Pots: CTS 500k
Capacitor: Orange Drop 0.022uF or Paper in Oil
Jack: Switchcraft 1/4” Output Jack
Jack Plate: Chrome
Tuners: Schaller Grand Tune
Control Knobs: Plexi Speed Knob

Hilko Guitars Rootster Hilko Guitars Rootster Hilko Guitars Rootster Hilko Guitars Rootster

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